Manage email and push notifications

On your digital meeting place, you can customize your email and push notifications to your exact needs. It is possible to be notified differently per forum or per group. We show you how to do this here:

  1. Desktop: Click on your name in the top right corner and then on User Account.
    App: Open the burger menu (3 lines) in the top left corner and then click on User Account.
  2. Click on Messages.
  3. You can now decide how you want to be notified about new events. 

Notifications under General include, for example, new messages in chats, invitations to new groups and the like. These can be activated or deactivated for e-mails and push notifications. 

Under Overview, you have the option to set the settings individually for each community and group. Do you not want to receive messages from a specific group forum or chat? Then deactivate the checkmark there and click on Save. For your community, you also have the option of activating and deactivating the marketplace.